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  1. Hello!

    I have a photo that appears to show two Japanese(?) prisoners under guard on the deck of PT-127. the photo was in my father’s things, discovered only long after his death. My father served on USS Eridanus (AK92), a supply ship that was in the area of New Caledonia and Auckland in July and August of ’43, and in the Espiritu Santo / Tulagi / Russel / Bouganville area in January and February of ’44. I was wondering if the Eridanus and PT-127 had crossed paths during one of those times, but those sections of the War Diaries are missing. According to NavSource, PT-127 was on detached duty with Motor Torpedo Boat Division 19 from June-August, based at Thursday Island. The closest Eridanus came to there was some 1700+ miles away.
    I guess it is possible that my father traded for the snap I have, but I am trying to find out all I can.

    You have a great site! Keep up the good work!

    -Robert Lloyd

    1. Hello Robert,

      When I try and email you directly I’m getting errors. Hopefully you will see the reply here.

      That time period seems to be a black hole. I didn’t find any documents in the Archives that filled in that missing period. Even the War Diary for Ron 7, collated immediately following the war, shows the gap. Deck Logs are missing as well.

      You’ve probably already seen the photos on the site that show prisoners. There are three. The first two are onshore. The last one, I’m pretty sure is on the 127 boat, as the fellow shown from behind looks like the skipper, McNamara.
      I assume none of these are the photo you have?

      If you aren’t aware of it there is a PT Boat forum that has some extremely knowledgeable folks on it. They might be able to point you in the right direction.

      I’m glad you like the site. Alas, it all comes a few decades too late as the vast majority of the veterans are no longer around. Still, every now and again a family member reaches out and contributes knowledge and/or content.

      I’d be curious to see the photo you have if you’d like share it. If you’d like to include it on the site I’d post it and assign your father credit.

      Thanks so much.


      Webmaster PT127

      1. Hello!

        I’d be happy to send you my snap. I’m not sure what the problem with my email is, but you can try me at the email below or ##########.

        I’ll also check out the PT Boat forum, that sounds like a great resource.


        -Robert Lloyd

      2. Hello!

        It seems that the PT Boat in my Father’s photo was PT-327 – I’m not sure why that boat did not show up when I searched for it earlier, trying to identify the boat in my snapshot.

        It seems that the crew of the Eridanus shared snapshots among themselves- the granddaughter of another crewman has posted this album, which includes many of the snaps I have, including the prisoners snap.

        Thanks again!

        -Robert Lloyd

        1. Robert,

          Thanks for that link. Those are some great photos!

          Yes, the PT Boat forum is a great resource for anything PT related. Good luck in your search.



  2. I am looking for information about Dudley J Johnson,a dear friend and mentor who shared many stories. I have seen no photos and being the humble person he was he didn’t speak much of his own actions. I would love to know more. He died ion January 27, 2005. Way to soon.

    1. Hi,

      I have no further information on DJ Johnson beyond what is on the website. His page,
      shows his time on the 127 boat.

      The Deck Logs,
      during his time as Exec Officer were written mostly in his hand.

      The After Action Reports,
      may contain further information of his combat exposure while on the boat.

      The Deck Logs lists him as Skipper as of 10/22/44. Which means he would have been in command of the boat during the Battle of Surigao Strait, a very famous engagement in the Pacific. However, there is some conflicting history on this as at least one set of stories of that battle indicate that a Lt. Cady was skipper during the battle.

      Best of luck on your search. As I recall there are some photos of him herein. If you have access to any other photos related to the 127 that you’d like to share with the website, please let me know.

      Finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, there is a Forum that dedicated to PT Boats, you might be able to get further information there.


    1. Hi Jenelle, thanks for the comment. I’m glad you got a chance to see photos with your grandfather in them.

      If your family has photos you’d like to post on the site please contact us as we’d love to see the site’s content grow.

  3. i was at treasury alsom as base cook.i was also at ormoc base also as base cook.i remember the old bombed out bldmng was xclose to the galley and had an old rcavictrola in th e center. i tjhiink there was only one record and iit was jo stafford singing.i also w emnt with one of the laundry girls and her broth er kept muy tent cleaned. i was invited tio their hone once for dibber,. it was quite and experience.

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