Johnson, D.J.

Johnson, D.J.: Executive Officer, Served on PT-127 02/26/44 to 08/01/44

Johnson, D.J.: Skipper, Served on PT-127 10/22/44 to 12/24/44

4 thoughts on “Johnson, D.J.”

  1. Douglas Martin Addington

    Dudley J. Johnson was like a foster father to me and a hero. I loved his stories of the time that he spent on this boat.

    1. Great to hear. Mr. Johnson was skipper of the 127 boat for the first two weeks my father was aboard.

      If you haven’t done so, the deck logs and action reports and war diaries make interesting reading. During his time as Exec Officer one of his duties was the filling out the daily deck logs.

      If you happen to have any photos or stories from him we are always looking to expand the 127 Boat site’s content.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    2. Douglas Addington

      I thought that I found a quote on your web page that was under the header. I am unable to locate it. It was something about wanting a fast boat because he was going to sail in harms way. Could you please direct me to that quote? Thank you. I appreciate what you have done on this site.

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